What are NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), is a general term for a digital asset. Although NFTs are pieces of artwork, they have utility associated with them; this is where the real value comes from. The utility that is attached to the NFT is something that is decided upon by the project’s team or by the project’s holders. One of the more common utilities for NFTs is entrance into exclusive channels/events associated with that particular NFT project. By leveraging blockchain technology, you are able to easily  provide proof-of-ownership for each individual NFT. NFTs can be tied to things like loans, cars, real estate, watches, shoes, art, etc. What you are able to do with NFTs are practically boundless. 

A fungible token is something that can be exchanged for equal value because there is multiple in supply (i.e. a $5 bill for five (5) $1 bills or exchanged for a different $5 bill). Mutually interchangeable.



We are currently preparing for the launch of our first NFT collections. The tokens from the collections will account for either 4 lbs or 50 lbs of trash that we will remove over the course of the next year. Our NFT launch date has been postponed until further notice. If you would like to support our cause, we encourage you in becoming a member of our NFT community. By simply owning the NFT, you will be entered into a series of raffles where you can win a variety of different prizes. You will also have the opportunity to exchange your TCLP Token for a 3D animated NFT of your choosing OR for our PFP NFTs, and most importantly, you will be helping with the removal of litter from the environment. We thank you in advanced for your support towards making the world a better place today and for future generations.

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NFTs that Empower a Cleaner and Innovative Approach for the Future

TCLP Tokens - Standard Collection

The TCLP Tokens are our exchangeable NFTs. There will be 5 different NFT designs that holders of the TCLP Tokens will be able to select from. Before, and after, we enable TCLP Token Holders to exchange their Token for an NFT of their choosing, we will be conducting 6 separate raffles using the circulating tokens that are not listed on exchanges. Each TCLP Token that is held off of an exchange will be entered in to the raffle and used to select the winners. The winners from the raffle will either receive bonus perks that will be tied to their NFTs, an upcycled product from our first release, a limited edition TCLP Token, 1/1 NFTs, an NFT from another social project on Solana or a gift card to company with a social cause (ie Patagonia). Each token can win more than once, but not each token will be a winner. There will be a supply of (?) TCLP Tokens that are made available in our first edition.

Each Token that is minted will account for 4 lbs of litter that we pick up over the next year. Anytime a TCLP token is traded on a secondary marketplace, we will pick up an additional 1lb of litter.


-Guaranteed removal of 4 lbs of litter

-A 4 lb POAP

-Chance to win an upcycled product from our first collection

-An exclusive members only Discord channel

-Discounted prices on our upcycled products

-Plus other additional perks that will be announced in the future

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Our 4 lb and 50 lb NFTs are our certificates of fulfillment. Each NFT that is minted will contribute to our 2022 Trash Cleanup Goal. Each NFT from the Standard Edition will account for 4 lbs of trash that we will pick up. Each NFT from our Limited Edition collection will account for 50 lbs of trash. Only the litter that has been picked up after February 6th will count against our 2022 Trash Clean Up Goal. As we begin to work towards our year's goal, we will begin fulfilling our promises to each of our TCLP Token Minters in the order that the tokens were purchased.


Each TCLP Token that is not listed on a secondary marketplace during the week of the raffle will be automatically entered into that drawing. Each raffle will have its own unique prize that the winners will rewarded with. Here are the perks and prizes that you can win from our raffles: Bonus perks that will be tied to your NFTs, an upcycled product from our first releases, a limited edition TCLP Token, 1/1 NFTs, an NFT from another project on Solana or a gift card to company with a social cause (ie Patagonia).


The TCLP Token Trash Trade is the period of time in-between our initial launch and our NFT Exchange where you will have the ability to trade your token and help expand our 2022 Trash Cleanup Goal. Each time a TCLP Token is traded during that period of time, it will account for an additional 1 lb of trash that we will pick up over the next year. In order for a trade to count, it must be completed on a secondary marketplace. Trades conducted outside of a secondary marketplace will not be accounted for.


Standard Edition: Supply of 4,444 Tokens at 0.4 SOL
Black Limited Edition: Supply of (?) Tokens at (?) SOL
Silver Limited Edition: Supply of (?) Tokens at (?) SOL